Concrete Joint Sealant

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Brief introduction

The sealant is a kind of solvent-free,single component and curing at room temperature sealant.It shows in paste condition,can squeeze out or daub when operating construction.It will not flow to embed vertical joint and top joint because of the resistance to drop.It presents rubber-like state and is elastic after curing.It can strongly adhere to metal,rubber,wood,cement components,ceramic, glass and so on.Sealing glue is used to fill the void (hole,joint,joint,etc.), have both bonding and sealing functions.


1. Strong adaptability

2. Good wear-resisting performance 

3. High mechanical strength

4. Good bonding performance 

5. Good elasticity,has excellent resilience,and can be used for dynamic joint

6. Good flexibility in low temperature

7. Good weathering resistance,service life can reach as long as 15 ~ 20 years

8. Good oil resistance 

9. Resistance to biological aging 

10. Reasonable prices


Polyurethane sealant are widely used in civil construction,transportation,etc.

1.In building applications-fill and seal doors,windows and glass,etc.

2.In civil applications-caulking seal highway, bridges, runway,etc. 

3.In automotive applications-assembly seal the window (mainly windshield glass) 


600 ml/bar     400 ml/bar


Place in ventilated,dry places,avoid direct sunlight,prohibit contacting with acid,alkali,oil, organic solvent,isolate heat source,do not press hardly.Should be sealed save.

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Polyurethane concrete joint sealant are widely used in building applications--- fill and seal doors, windows and glass; In civil applications---caulking seal highway,bridges, runway,etc.Polyurethane sealant has better performance with good elasticity, has excellent resilience,good flexibility in low temperature, good weathering resistance.