AC-VE Acrylate Grout

Product Details

AC-VE Acrylate Grout

AC-VE acrylate grouting solution is developed by Beijing Langwei Times Technology & Science Co., Ltd,non-toxic and environmental friendly of acrylamide grouting material,great bonding strength with concrete,high flexibility and adjustable reaction time.


●Non-toxic: all raw material,grout,gel are non-toxic by introduction of new cross-linking agent instead of methylenebisacrylamide in grout.

●Environmental friendly: There are antagonistic agent in the grout lead to a better and safer utilization.

●Easy grouting: low viscosity,sound permeability make it easy to fill tiny crack with low pressure

●High penetration and resistance of gel,super flexibility and strong strength.

●Water swelling: good sealing and repetitious swell in dry and wet.

●Gel chemical constitution is stable.

Appropriate application

●Waterproofing of mine tunnel,channel,tunnel,culvert

●Seepage control in concrete

●Infiltration control in sewer networks

●Curtain grouting of dam foundation rock cracks

●Curtain grouting of dam foundation gravel

●Soil stabilization

●Jet concrete construction

Component of product

Acrylate grout consists of A solution and B: solution
A Component: acrylate solution, accelerator,etc.
B component: initiator,regulator
Retarder (use it when you need prolong the Gel time)
For details of technical data,please feel free to contact us

Main technical data





Density( kg/m³)



viscosity (mPa·s)



Expansion rate(%)



Elongation at break



PH value

about 9


Gel time



Construction temperature ℃


Applied method

AC-VE Acrylate Grout is designed according to A solution and B solution equivalent volume mix. After A、B solutions mix,the gel time is 3~5 minutes in the normal temperature.If you wanted to prolong gel time, the grouting solutions had prepared retarder(red powder),put retarder into water and become solution of 10%, pouring into B solution,adding quantity is 0.1%~3%(solution of retarder)of grout (by work site small sample test determination). If you wanted to shorten gel time, please to contact us.
Applied effect
AC-ve grouting solution has been applied in the subway and hydraulic power project, have taken excellent application effect.


Grout: net weight 40 kg/group,thereinto 

Type I: A solution 21.1kg/barrel;B solution 18.9kg/barrel
Type II: A solution 21.5kg/barrel;B solution 18.5kg/barrel
Retarder: 5g/bag, 100g/bag


Seal keep in the shady,cool and keep away from light,storage temperature between 5℃ to 30℃.
Guarantee period: 6 months in the condition of keep seal.


According to the general chemical grouting requirements,workers should wear latex gloves,goggles,wear work clothes.
Once the skin and eyes contact grout, flushing 15 minutes with clean water immediately.
If swallowed, please go to doctors immediately.

With consummate production technique and advanced equipment, Langwei Times is known as one of the leading AC-VE acrylate grout manufacturers and suppliers in China. You are rest assured that you can  purchase AC-VE acrylate grout online with us. We can guarantee the products with high quality and low price.

AC-VE bicomponent acrlylate grout material is widely used in waterproofing of mine tunnel,channel, tunnel,culvert,seepage control in concrete,infiltration control in sewer networks,curtain grouting of dam foundation rock cracks,curtain grouting of dam foundation gravel,soil stabilization,jet concrete construction and so on. Acrylate grout has great bonding strength with concrete, non-toxic and environmental friendly.

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