Flexible Epoxy Grouting Material

Flexible Epoxy Grouting Material
Product Details

Flexible Epoxy Grouting Material

Product Description

Flexible epoxy grouting material is a flexible epoxy grouting material specially developed for the seepage proofing and water stop of expansion joint and deformation joint of concrete and the water stop repair and treatment of butt joint in case of failure in the water stop of the cross joint of a dam. 

The grout has low viscosity, excellent groutability; duration of groutability, grouting scope and grouting time are adjustable by adjusting the mixing ratio of the grout. It is available for low temperature,(more than 5℃), underwater,wet or dry substrate. The volume of the solidified material remains unchanged after solidification underwater, and it has better deformability, can accommodate the change in the opening of the expansion joint and deformation joint of concrete, has better adhesive property to wet concrete, and effectively repair the water stop system of the structural joint of concrete. At the same time, this product can be used for reinforcement of concrete structure and blockage of water seepage of expansion joint rising from the failure of the water stop.

This product is the optimal choice for water stop, seepage proofing grouting treatment of various deformation joints of the concrete structures.

Product Features

Good underwater adhesive property,good adhesive property to concrete, brick, stratum and multiple metals. low volume change ratio of solidified material; high flexibility and deformation resilience ratio.and excellent deformation adaptability(percentage elongation up to 150%), strong adhesive force at wet surface, available in wet and dry environment. non-toxic grout and solidified material, environmental protection.

Applicable scope

Applicable to repair and treatment of the water stop and seepage proofing of the cross joint and inducing joint of the dam of a water conservancy project, and the inducing joint and inducing joint of road, bridge and other mass concrete structures.


Mixing ratio: A:5-6,B :1. which should be determined according to the actual working condition; during mixing, the liquid B should be added in the liquid A in slow and free linear falling way while stirring at constant speed till the grout is evenly mixed (stirring time is about 5min generally).


High temperature and source of ignition are prohibited and ventilation is kept in the construction site,the operators should use safeguard procedures such as gloves, safety goggles, protective facial mask and protective clothing.


A:25kg/plastic drum,30kg/metal drum,200kg/metal drum,B:25kg/plastic drum.

Storage and transportation

flexible epoxy grouting material belongs to a product which requires fire protection and high temperature prevention,the product should be independently stored at less than 30℃ after sealing. The product should be transported separately from other products by a special means of transport for hazardous article.

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