Hydrophobic Urethane Grout

Hydrophobic Urethane Grout
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Hydrophobic Urethane Grout

Product Introduction

Hydrophobic Urethane Grout is a kind of one component and excluding water material,which is formed via polyisocyanates and polyether polyol reacted under certain conditions.When grouting,NCO perssad meet water,the reaction of chain extension,branching,cross linking and solidification are produced,therefore,stop water rapidly and reinforce concrete effectively.Meanwhile,heavy expansion pressure is generated so as to make the grout diffused again. Accordingly, push the grout forward to permeate crack and hole deeply. So it has enough scope of diffusion and solidification.


Rapid reaction,foaming,solidification are generated after meeting water.adjusting gel time by adding catalyst.The gel time is usually controlled within 10 seconds

High strength. Under hermetic condition,the compressive strength can be 17-20MPa in 4 hours.25-30MPa compressive strength and 3MPa bonding strength can be reached in 24 hours.

Big expansion ratio. Since foaming,the expansion ratio can be 20 twice.

The grout is single component with convenient operation.

Steady indurate chemical construction. Good property of bearing chemical resistance.

No corrosion to steel.

Item Index

ApperanceBrown transparent liquid
(g/cm3,25±0.5℃) specific gravity1.16±0.05
(25±1℃) Time of foaming20-40 seconds(At low temperature or seal
 plenty water leaking.The catalyst or curing 
agent can be added)
(25±1℃) Multiple of foaming>20
The bonding strength of grouting against mortar>3
Time:24 hours

Compression strength of
under airtight condition)
4 hours17-20
24 hours25-30
The corrosivity to steel:the content chloridionNo


Hydrophobic Urethane Grout is mainly applied to treatment of basic seepage-proofing in concrete expansion joint,crack,construction joint of water conservation water and electricity,tunnel,subway,civil defence,metallurgical engineering,industrial and civil architecture,etc.


1. Check the part of leaking,reason and direction. 

2. Drill the hole near the part of leaking.The slant hole can be drilled through the crack if the crack is deep.The width of two holes is different according to the width of crack. Normally it is 20-50cm.The crack is more narrow,the width is smaller. When crack wider and width wider. 

3. Burying injection hose via rapidly sealing hole device or rapid hardening material. Meanwhile,seal surface of crack. 

4. Swashing the crack via pressured water or air. Checking the stringing case between holes and effect of sealing 

5. Grouting,connecting the injection pump and hose to begin grouting.The pressure of grouting depends on the size of crack,quantity of grout absorb and detailed case of project.Order of grouting is from bottom to top,from depth to shallow.Pausing to grout then tie the hose when the pure grouting appears at neighboring holes.Put the grout to neighboring hole to continue grouting. Under specified pressure until reach the standard of finished grouting. The grouting doesn't solidify without meeting water.So after grouting,20ml water need to be injected via another injection pump to make the material solidifying,avoiding to leave material when discharge hose. 

6. Removing the injection hose after solidifying and trim the surface of crack. The material of trimming can be rapid inorganic material,dedicated epoxy mortar sealing material or flexible polyurethane sealant that are supplied by supplier. 

7. Clean all tools via solvent after finishing grouting.


5-30℃ based on original package,dry place. 

Shelf life

6 months.


20kg or 25kg in a iron drum

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Single component hydrophobic polyurethane chemical grout,is widely used in concrete expansion joint,crack, construction joint of water conservation water and electricity,tunnel,subway,civil defence,metallurgical engineering,industrial and civil architecture,etc.Hydrophobic polyurethane grout has better performance,such as big expansion ratio,rapid reaction,good strength,good property of bearing chemical resistance,with no corrosion to steel.


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