Accessories of injection packer


1. High pressure (generally up to 20Mpa) and stable and reliable, allowing the chemical slurry completely into the deep cracks within the concrete structure, sealing effect.

2. Grouting technology is mature, the full range, basically have achieved a one-component finished production, without on-site deployment, quality and stability, open the barrel can be used. Slurry chemical corrosion, non-toxic after curing, environmental protection, can be permanently waterproof. 3. Construction process is simple and easy. Construction speed, stop water effect immediate, once and for all. The labor intensity of workers is small, construction efficiency is 5 to 10 times that of traditional construction methods, which can not be compared with the traditional methods.

4. Construction from the season, weather restrictions, can be used for a variety of projects, including maintenance, repair projects, drinking water projects. Low construction cost, significant economic benefits.


1, rubber pad: butter head rubber, rubber with a special rubber material (resistant to high pressure impact), squeeze the rubber head under high pressure without deformation and damage leading to drug outflow.

2, butter head (excluding the traditional spiral way working hours), pressure up to 10000PSI, four claw quick connector save time, by the rapid squeeze pressure squeegee rubber expansion, four claws will be closely attached to the butter nozzle attached.

3, butter head rubber due to the construction process, the pressure is too high and chemical grouting material corrosion, easily damaged. Therefore, in the construction process, found damaged, should be promptly replaced, otherwise lead to leakage of plasma.

4, at the end of construction, due to the cleaning agent used to clean the machine, there is a corrosive effect on the butter rubber, resulting in easy to damage the butter rubber head, so the next construction, should be promptly replaced.