Acrylate Injection Grout

Acrylate injection grout is a low viscosity, environmentally safe,acrylate injection resin with superior sealing characteristics.

It is able to permeate very fine soil and fill voids between the interface area of the concrete and substrate.

This two component injection gel provides excellent waterproofing capabilities for use in the creation of grout curtains behind existing concrete walls or abutments. It can create solid, homogenous membranes beneath concrete floors, as well as stabilizing soil and filling voids at the building foundation and interface areas.

The hydrophilic properties provide a lasting and durable barrier against moisture intrusion. It is solvent free and there is no chemical reaction with water, therefore there is no formation of bi-products.

Typical Applications

Creation of grout curtains

Soil stabilization behind brick and concrete structures above and below grade

Tunnels, basements, water treatment and waste water sewage facilities

Construction joints, expansion joints

Concrete precast segments



Excellent penetration into various substrates & soil

Adjustable curing times

Environmentally friendly

Waterproof, stabilize soil & fill voids

Can be injected against water pressure

Expansion up to 50%

Can be injected in low temperatures