Acrylate waterproof coating

1, product introduction

Acrylate waterproof material is based on pure acrylic ester copolymer or pure propionate emulsion, adding appropriate amount of high-quality filler, additives configuration is a synthetic resin-based one-component waterproof coating.

2, product features

(1) Has excellent weatherability, heat resistance and UV resistance, basically no change in performance within the range of -30 ℃ to 80 ℃, good elongation, to adapt to a certain extent of the base surface of the crack deformation.

(2) According to the need to deploy a variety of colors, waterproof both decorative and thermal insulation effect.

(3) green, non-toxic and tasteless, do not pollute the environment, no harm to the human body.

(4) Construction is simple, short construction period, easy maintenance.

(5) can be constructed on wet base, with a certain permeability.