Acrylic Coating & Polyurethane Coating

Need a new roof coating? There are several types of coating materials available but it’s important to find the one best suited to your roof. We’ll go over to common types of roofing coatings: acrylic and polyurethane. Each has their benefits and drawbacks but will work well depending on the shape of your roof.

Acrylic Coating

Need a budget friendly and non-toxic roof coating applied? Acrylic is a water based material which makes it environment friendly. It’s also a highly reflective material which makes it the perfect option for a UV resistant roof. Acrylic is not recommended for flat roofs due to being a water based coating. This makes it more susceptible to ponding. It is better suited to sloped roofs. If you need a weather resistant roof that can hold up to varying temperatures, hail, and debris, your best bet is a polyurethane coating. While acrylic has a long life span, it isn’t built to withstand a lot of damage.

Polyurethane Coating

If you are looking for a durable, weather resistant roof coating, the Polyurethane coating may be your best option. The coating is very durable compared to Acrylic due to be a thicker coating. It is more resilient to water, storms, hail, and high foot traffic. It’s also a solvent based material. This increases the durability and makes it more resistant to ponding. Because of this, polyurethane is the best coating for flat roofs compared to acrylic. However, if a UV protective coating is what you’re looking for, acrylic would be the better of the two. Aromatic polyurethane, the most common type applied, has little to no UV resistance. Aliphaltic polyurethane does have UV protection but it is more expensive.