Adaptation of Epoxy Mortar


1, suitable for sewage treatment tank, acid and alkali resistant floor, FRP anti-corrosion and other chemical anti-corrosion industry.

2, can be used as seawater, salt and alkali areas and chemical plants and other corrosive environment corrosion-resistant materials.

3, for underground pipelines, hydropower stations, dam foundation interface, such as anti-corrosion seal.

4, applicable to the cracks of the beams, columns, pile caps, etc., the defects of the honeycomb on the surface of concrete structures, loopholes and dew reinforcement.

5, suitable for steel structure and concrete bonding, and can be made of wear-resistant floor; stick steel reinforcement and carbon fiber reinforcement to do the bottom leveling.

6, for bonding a variety of homogeneous or heterogeneous materials, such as metal, wood, ceramics, glass, jade, leather and so on.

7, for aircraft runways, road bridges, tunnels and mines and corrosive environment in the repair of concrete structures.