Adhesive bonding of materials properties

(1) metal: metal oxide film on the surface of surface treatment, the easy bonding due to adhesive bonding of metal linear expansion coefficient of two-phase too large, prone to stress in adhesive layer; metal bonded parts of electro-chemical corrosion caused by water.

(2) rubber: the larger the polar rubber, bonding better. Nitrile polychloroprene polarity, adhesion strength natural rubber, silicone rubber and butyl rubber polarity, adhesion is weak. Other rubber surfaces tend to have free release agents or other additives, interfere with bonding effect.

(3) wood: is a porous material, easy to absorb moisture, dimensional variations, hence probably the produces stress concentration. In addition, polishing materials, surface roughness of wood adhesive performance.

(4) plastic: high polarity of plastic adhesive properties better.

(5) glass: glass surface from micro angle is by countless Department uniform of rugged of part composition. using wet sex good of adhesive, prevent in bump at may exists bubble effect. addition, glass is to SI-o-for subject structure, its surface layer easy adsorption water. for glass polar strong, polar adhesive easy and surface occurred hydrogen bonds combined, formed firm stick received. glass easy crisp crack and and transparent, select adhesive Shi needed consider to these.