Advantages and disadvantages of water swelling and water stop

The water-expanding water-stop strip is made of bentonite with excellent performance. It is physically and chemically modified to have both water-swelling and expansion properties, and it has the elasticity of general elastomer. Under the constraint conditions, it can completely stop water and stop leaking. The effect is excellent.

Firstly, the advantages of the water-expanding water-stop strip are introduced: the comprehensive performance of the product is good, both the characteristics of the general rubber product and the self-expansion of water. At the same time, the water-expanding water-stopping strip is a new type of waterproof material, which is more reliable than the general rubber. The water-swellable water-stop strip has many advantages such as good weather resistance, anti-aging, anti-seepage, leakage, corrosion resistance, convenient construction and low price.

Then there is the shortcoming of the water-expanding water-stopping strip: after the water-expanding water-stopping strip has been expanded several times, the expansion effect will be slightly worse.