Application and purpose of polyurethane

Application and purpose

Can be used for continuous walls, tunnels, box culverts, cracks, expansion joints, basements, hairline cracks, tunnels, window frames, internal and external walls, reservoirs, harbor works, roofing, site improvement, ring sealing and so on.

1, sealing the dry and wet concrete components, actually meet all the contact surface.

2, to prevent leakage.

3, sealed wet seams.

4, a hydraulic groundwater flow cracks injection, can be used with the catalyst, the formation of foam within 3 seconds, contact with water within 10 minutes, can be fully expanded and solidified

Product Features

1, contact with water immediately chemical reaction and expansion.

2, high expansion rate, high hardness, low toughness.

3, strong adhesion with the substrate and good chemical resistance

4, anti-drinking water, seawater, wastewater, acid-base dilution of chemicals.

5, there will be no shrinkage phenomenon.

6, the product is non-toxic after the reaction is completed.