Application of APP waterproof membrane

1, I-type polyester or glass fiber APP modified bitumen waterproofing membrane high heat resistance, but poor low-temperature flexibility. For non-freezing areas for general construction of the roof waterproofing layer. The upper surface of the polyethylene film or fine sand waterproofing membrane shall not be exposed.

2, Ⅱ-type polyester tire APP modified bitumen waterproofing membrane, with a large tensile strength, high elongation, good heat resistance and good low temperature flexibility and so on. Applicable to the general and the colder or hotter areas, waterproof grade I, Ⅱ, Ⅲ roof underground waterproofing works.

3, Ⅱ glass fiber APP modified bitumen waterproofing membrane higher tension, dimensional stability and heat resistance, good, but no elongation. For general and colder areas and structural stability of the general engineering roof or underground waterproofing works.

4, glass fiber reinforced polyester felt roll can be used for mechanical fixed single waterproof, but subject to wind load test.

5, Coil and coating composite should be compatible, and should be placed on top of the coating; Coil and waterproof mortar compound should be placed under the waterproof mortar.