Application of Polysulfide sealant


Polysulfide sealant is suitable for waterproof sealing of insulating glass, metal, concrete curtain wall joints, underground works (such as tunnels and culverts), reservoirs and reservoirs, as well as telescopic seals for expansion joints such as road surfaces and runways Repair cracks in the building to restore the seal.


1, can not be mixed with silica gel sealant, otherwise it will affect the bonding performance.

2, construction temperature above 5 ℃, otherwise it will affect the adhesion and curing speed.

3, do a sample test before construction.


1, for the chassis, the outer weld waterproof rust protection.

2, for roof, car, floor metal, wood, plastic, foam and other materials, joints and sealing of the seams.

3, for roof, car, floor metal plate screws, rivets, waterproof and rust-proof seal.