application of primary treatment

1, not all waterproofing materials need primary treatment agent;

2, the quality of grass-roots waterproofing materials to meet the construction requirements, you can not grassroots treatment agent;

3, different types of materials, you must use the corresponding primary treatment agent; such as bitumen waterproofing membrane with "cold base oil." JS waterproof coating primary treatment agent is his own, after the high water diluted use. EPDM waterproofing membrane, polyurethane waterproof coating, etc. do not need to use primary treatment agent.

4, primary treatment agent is mainly to increase the waterproofing material and grass-roots adhesion, waterproof coating and waterproofing membrane have these problems. Whether it is necessary or not depends on whether the grass-roots level meets the requirements for the bonding of waterproof materials and whether the water-repellent material needs grass-roots treatment to carry out grass-roots treatment. Such as self-adhesive waterproofing membrane in a clean, calendered concrete surface construction, you can not grassroots treatment, and rough in the grassroots, a little sand, a small amount of floating dust, you must use the grassroots agents.

5, cold base oil is a kind of primary treatment agent. Cold base oil is specifically diluted with solvent asphalt or water-based emulsified asphalt, modified asphalt waterproofing membrane primary treatment agent. In the modified asphalt construction, through the hot melt and the membrane together, increase the adhesion of modified bitumen membrane.

6, the role of grassroots treatment agents are not the same, and some are sealed on the damp grassroots, moisture will not affect the adhesion up. Polyurea waterproofing coating primary treatment agent is this effect; some because of the grassroots dust, brushing primary treatment agent to reduce the impact of dust, in order to increase the adhesion. SBS waterproofing membrane modified bitumen membrane primary treatment agent (cold base oil) is this effect.