Balcony Water Leakage/Seepage

1.Balcony Water Leakage Inspection

Balcony Water leakage inspection in balcony. Viable waterproofing solution to stop water leakage from cracks cause by constant wear and tear.

2.Balcony Leakage Assessment and Solution

Employ the least hassle no hacking water leakage repair method suitable to stop water leaks.

3.Balcony Repair Actions

Stop water leakage by performing relevant solution to close up the cracks. Efficient method with no delays, water will cease to leak or flow without having to wait for one week or more.


Access that waterproofing and leakage stoppage method to waterproof and stop leakage has been performed well and ensure that 100% no water leakage with thorough inspection.

Understanding Balcony Leakage

Balcony water leakage can be a pain to most commercial and residential houses. Although the presence of a balcony in a house enhances the aesthetics of the house, making the house seem more spacious and allows for a better air circulation around the house. There are many benefits of having a balcony, but do you know that a balcony is very vulnerable to water leakage and seepage problems due to its constant exposure to the weather? It is therefore very important for us to pay more attention to the waterproofing of balconies to prevent having problems with water leakage in the future.

Balconies are exposed to the weather all year round and the waterproofing system to be used on your balconies must be able to withstand rain and shine, day in day out. Some waterproofing systems are more suitable for balcony’s usage because it has better elasticity properties to withstand constant expansion and contraction due to the weather.

As years goes by with the ever changing weather,Your balcony’s waterproofing system can be damaged due to many factors:

1. Cracking due to daily expansion during the day and contraction during the night

2. Cracking due to structural movements

There are many water leakage and seepage repair methods that waterproofing specialist contractors are using, but what sets us apart from the rest is that our balcony waterproofing solution is 100% hacking-free making it cost-effective, clean and efficient.