Bathroom waterproofing

Bathroom waterproofing is an important step in the bathroom renovation, how to do a good bathroom waterproofing measures Selection of bathroom waterproofing materials is a key, good bathroom waterproof material, of course, there is a certain degree of protection in the bathroom waterproofing, the other is also closely related to the specific waterproofing .

In the bathroom renovation, how to do a good bathroom waterproof, waterproof toilet waterproof material how to choose, read this article, presumably these are no longer your problem of decoration.

1. Buy waterproof material

Most of the reason for the water leakage in the bathroom is caused by the waterproofing materials in the bathroom. There are many unqualified materials on the market, which is very easy to purchase for inferior bathroom waterproofing materials. Therefore, Xiaobian recommended in the purchase of decoration materials, the best when asked a professional to accompany. At present, there are two types of toilet waterproofing materials on the market: one is polyurethane waterproof coating; the other is polymer cement based waterproof coating. Polymer cement base has become the protagonist of the waterproof coating market, polyurethane waterproof material, used to be the main waterproof market, waterproof performance is good. But not environmentally friendly is also a major drawback. Cement mortar as one of the emerging waterproof material, is currently the more popular bathroom waterproof material. Kitchen, bathroom waterproof generally recommended with universal waterproof material.

2 waterproof construction

Good grass-roots processing, the ground leveling, keep dry, beneficial to do waterproof construction work. Waterproof paint in the shop should be painted evenly, can not have leakage brush, drum and off the phenomenon. Water-proof coating thickness is moderate, too thick or too thin will affect the waterproof effect map. When doing bathroom waterproof, dead ends and plumbing is also a key area. Waterproof work done, we must do the inspection work, as a remedy.