Chemical Grouting and Injection

No-dig,excavation-free systems allow for less disruption at your facility.

Tanks and process vessels do not need to be emptied, minimizing down time.

A wide range of polymer injection materials offer solutions for chemical resistance.


Beijing Langwei is a recognized leader in chemical grouting and injection with an extensive list of success stories. We offer warranted solutions to the toughest leaks in the most sensitive environments. Our complete product offering features a wide range of environmentally friendly materials allowing for leak stopping penetration into any size crack. We also have an extensive portfolio of membrane injection projects, providing a complete “curtain-wall” protective system for retrofit perimeter waterproofing without the need for excavation.

Crack Injection

Variable pressure, multi-component system allows for leak stoppage in any size crack.

Injected membrane system permits wide-area waterproofing without excavation.

Soil injection and stabilization

Polymer injection stabilizes uncertain soils and consolidates sub-surface areas.