Chemical Grouting-Manhole Infiltration Control

Chemical Grouting-Manhole Infiltration Control


Infiltration can come through open joints, cracks and around pipe penetrations in manholes. If left untreated, ground water will increase treatment plant operating costs and create exterior voids around the manhole. Eventually this can lead to sink holes, roadway collapse and even catastrophic system failure.


Chemical grouting is a permanent repair for manholes and if installed correctly, can often outlast the life of the structure. These can be injected to seal the precast rings in manholes or used in combination with dry oakum to seal leaks around the pipe penetrations. Spetec chemical grouts can be injected through a precast or brick manhole into the surrounding soils, to seal leaks, fill voids as a stand-alone repair or used as preparation for manhole coating processes.

Recommended Chemical Grouting Materials:

Hydrophobic chemical grout

Hydrophilic chemical grout

Two component rapid curing and expanding chemical grout