Classification of chemical grouting

Classification of commonly used grouting materials Currently, chemical grouting materials commonly used in China are roughly divided into two categories according to their performance and use. There are six major varieties and hundreds of branded products. 

The first category is anti-seepage and water-stopping, including four series of water glass, acrylate, polyurethane and lignin pulp. The second category is reinforcement and reinforcement, including two series of epoxy resin and methyl methacrylate pulp. Among them, water glass pulp can be divided into two major types: alkaline and acid. Polyurethane pulp can be divided into oil-soluble, water-soluble and elastic. Epoxy resin can be divided into non-reactive diluent and active dilution. Three major varieties of agents and furan resin. It must be pointed out that the water glass slurry in the first type can also be used for reinforcement and reinforcement engineering, but the strength is low; the epoxy resin material in the second type can also be used for anti-seepage and water-stopping projects, but the unit price is high. .