Construction storage and production method of silicone sealant

Construction storage

Silicone structural sealant construction must use special tools.

Construction environment should be well-lit, clean, with fire, explosion, dust and other measures.

Construction temperature is generally not less than 10 ℃, relative humidity of not less than 30%.

The structure of the plastic production date, certificate of competency, inspection reports, test reports of plastic joints, compatibility and adhesion test report one by one check, the product should meet the standards and curtain wall design requirements.

Silicone sealant storage for 4-27 degrees Celsius cool dry place; shelf life of 6 months from the date of production.

production method

According to process requirements of the selection of chemical equipment will be different. Common silicone sealant equipment is as follows:

Step A stainless steel reactor series production of silicone oil

Step two glass glue with a vacuum kneader series.

Step three strong disperser mixer series.

Of course, you can also choose a versatile power mixer or planetary mixer series.