Construction technology of chemical grouting plugging and reinforcing concrete crack

The construction technology of chemical grouting to block concrete cracks belongs to the technical field of concrete reinforcement engineering, especially to the method of sealing and strengthening concrete cracks. The chemical grouting sealing and reinforced concrete crack construction process includes the following steps. In the first step, a V-groove with a width of 20 mm and a depth of at least 20 mm is opened along the concrete crack. In the second step, flush the V-groove. The third step is to block the V-groove. The fourth step is to drill the slurry hole. In the fifth step, the grouting tip is installed. The sixth step is grouting. The seventh step is to take the injection head. The grouting process is simple, the operation is convenient, the crack sealing is tight and seamless, durable and labor-resistant, and it is not easy to crack again. The crack effect on sealing concrete is good, the concrete surface is completely dry, no leakage, no wetting phenomenon. The crack surface is sealed, the thickness of the modified coating is uniform, no leakage brush, no exposed bottom, no peeling, hollow drum, crack phenomenon. And the process method has no pollution to the environment.