Factors affecting adhesive

Factors influencing the strength of adhesive and

Bonding theory of the basic points mentioned above have to do with sticking the molecular structure and adherend surface structure and the interaction between them. Experiments show that the bonding system, bond destroyed four different situations:

1. interface: all separated from the sticky surface of the adhesive (adhesive interface integrity from);

2. cohesion failure: failure in the adhesive or adhesive itself, not adhesive interface;

3. damaged: adherend and adhesive layer itself has some damage, or both, only one or the other.

These instructions adhesive strength between the adhesive and the adherend and force, and also associated with polymer adhesive forces between the molecules of the material.

Chemical structure of polymer molecules, and aggregation are all strongly influence adhesion strength to study molecular structure of adhesive Binder, on the design, synthesis and selection of adhesive is very important.