Feature of polyurethane coating

(1) Can be directly applied on wet or dry base 

(2) strong adhesion with the base surface, the coating of polymer materials can penetrate into the base surface of fine slits, follow the strong type.

(3) The coating film has good flexibility, strong adaptability to the base stretching or cracking, high tensile strength.

(4) green, non-toxic and tasteless, pollution-free environment, no harm to the human body.

(5) good weatherability, high temperature does not flow, low temperature does not crack, excellent anti-aging properties, oil, abrasion, ozone resistance, acid and alkali erosion.

(6) dense coating, waterproof layer integrity, no cracks, no pinhole, no bubbles, water vapor permeability coefficient is small, both waterproof and gas barrier function.

(7) Construction is simple, short construction period, easy maintenance

(8) According to need, can be assigned a variety of colors

(9) light weight, do not increase the load on the building