Features of high pressure injection pump

1. Environmental protection: good mechanical performance, no noise, no pollution.

2. Easy to carry: small size, light weight (body weight 7.5kg), easy to carry and easy to operate.

3. High efficiency: It can reach 0---50Mpa working pressure in a few seconds, with advanced technology, time saving, labor saving and high efficiency.

4. Security: reliable technology, reasonable structure, and safe use.

5. Pressure persists: The continuous high pressure allows the agent to effectively block the micro-gap, micro-slits, micro-holes, and capillary fill in the thorium structure.

6. The structure is non-destructive: The grouting nozzle is directly installed in the grouting cracks, and the grouting nozzle is not grouted, and the structure is not damaged.

7. With water plugging: For all kinds of gap leakage, honeycomb leakage, underground water, can be directly with water grouting plugging. The slurry can be injected deep into the cracks.

8. A wide range of supporting materials can be used: Polyurethane, epoxy resin, acrylic resin and other non-particulate low viscosity slurry materials can be used.

9. Multi-functional: Multi-purpose machine, plugging grouting, consolidation grouting, crack reinforcement grouting.

10. Durability: The body parts are not deformed when the maximum pressure is 50Mpa. Simple maintenance, easy maintenance, strong and durable, easy to clean.