Foundation Crack Repair With Polyurethane Injection

Concrete cracks are very common in homes and offices. It is important to repair them. Otherwise, they may damage the strength of the structure. But, not all cracks have the same solution. If you want to repair a crack efficiently and obtain long-lasting results, you can contact Beijing Langewei.

Beijing Langwei– Expert at Repairing Concrete Cracks with Polyurethane Injection

Our company has experience of dealing with foundation cracks on a regular basis. Do not worry if you are confused about using epoxy or polyurethane. We will conduct thorough analysis of the cracks and suggest you suitable solutions.

Polyurethane repairs cracks and stops water leakage

If there is the problem of water leakage, we suggest injecting polyurethane in the crack. It is because the material will work as an effective water sealant and solve your problem. When polyurethane is exposed to the moisture in the crack, the material generates foam and expands inside the crack. As polyurethane is elastomeric in nature, it will be able to put up with concrete movements. It will also be able to accommodate the expansion and contraction of the concrete structure.

Why does our company use polyurethane to repair leaking cracks?

After thorough inspection, if we come to know that the crack has not damaged the structural strength of the concrete, we recommend using polyurethane because of the following reasons:

Easy to use

Cheaper than epoxy

Expands and fills the crack

Solves leakage issues