Glue gun use caution

Glue gun use caution

Glass glue guns for our plastic to provide a convenient, but in the course of the use of guns caused by premature failure.

1. The pressure of connection should not be more than 145psi.

2. Before removing the glue gun, first separate the pressure pipe.

3. To operate smoothly, use a solvent recommended by the sealant manufacturer to erase the remaining sealant in the barrel after each application. (Do not allow the glue gun to soak in the solvent)

4. Construction, the barrel front plug should always be closed.

5. After construction, please glue the gun lightly, and carefully damage the front cover and rear muffler.

Do not point people at the muzzle.

7. In the continuous working process, glue gun each stop working time generally not more than 5 minutes, otherwise, the glue should be finished to the plastic discharge.

8. High-pressure hose shall not be forced to squeeze, bending, glue gun to prevent the normal work.