High Viscosity Polyurethane Sealant

 High viscosity polyurethane sealant is a kind of sealant that has the main component including polyurethane rubber and polyurethane pre polymers. which has advantage with high tensile strength, good elasticity and the resistance of abrasion, oil and cold but the water resistance, especially in alkali water is poor. It can be divided into three kinds that includes the sulfide type, room temperature vulcanizing type heating and hot melt type. The type of room temperature vulcanization includes monocomponent and bicomponent. It is widely used in the building, plaza, highway as the material of polyurethane joint sealant and the sealing of car manufacturing, glass installation, electronic seal of filling, submarines and rocket so on. There will be more about the polyurethane sealant such as its assortment, characteristic and the application to be introduced in this article.

High viscosity polyurethane sealant is generally divided into two basic types which includes the monocomponent and bicomponent, which the monocomponent belongs to type of moisture solidification and bicomponent is a type of reaction solidification. The sealant of monocomponent is very convenient to construct but the curing is slower. Bicomponent has the features of curing fast and good performance but need to make polyurethane sealant when using so as to make the process more complicated. Both of them are very promising. The polyurethane sealant has many excellent properties, which includes the following points. Firstly, performance has wide adjustable range and strong adaptability, good wear-resisting performance and the mechanical strength. Secondly, adhesive performance is good, good elasticity and excellent resilience, which can be used for dynamic joint and has the flexibility under the condition of low temperature. Thirdly, weather is good, the service life of up to 15 ~ 20 years and good resistance of oil, biological aging. Fourthly, the price of polyurethane sealant is moderate. 

The main application of the polyurethane sealant is civil construction, cabe equipment and transportation so on. In the specific application of the architecture, there are the following uses such as the connection of concrete casting and the  building materials, construction joint sealant to seal, the sealing caulking between doors and windows around the wooden frame and the concrete of wall. It can be used for the light on the building structures such as curtain wall, balcony, the waterproof sealing of swimming pool, bathroom facilities, air conditioning and other systems to joint sealing of using the polyurethane joint sealant, the sealing of heat insulation double deck glass and window frame. The application of polyurethane sealant in the automobile includes the assembly seal of windows that are mainly windshield, which must use polyurethane windshield sealant to seal. In civil engineering, high viscosity polyurethane sealant is used for the flexible joint sealing caulking of high-grade roads, bridges, airstrips and the connection joint seal of electrical wiring circuit. It needs to use the polyurethane wood floor adhesive in the wood floor construction.