Hydrophilic Grout And Hydrophobic Grout

Hydrophilic Grout

Hydrophilic grouts readily mix with water. It seek outs water to get an excellent “bite” into the pores of wet concrete. This is important when trying to seal a crack in wet concrete. Hydrophilic grouts are used to stop leaks through cracks and joints in underground structures. When cracks or joints open and close with temperature changes, a tight water seal and bond is maintained. The flexibility of the hydrophilic grout provides this tight waterproof seal.

Hydrophobic Grout

Hydrophobic grouts are typically used to fill voids and stabilize soils. These grouts are excellent choices due to their low viscosity, high expansion rate and ability to set up under wet conditions without diluting. Hydrophobic grout repels water. When injected into loose soil or voids, the grout expands and replaces any water present. Since rigid hydrophobic material is not affected by change in the moisture content of soil, it is practically unaffected by the water table. The grout retains its strength, size, and is impermeability under most soil conditions.