Hydrophilic Polyurethane Injection Grout

Product Information

Versatile Polyurethane Gel

For Membrane, Curtain, Grid Injection

& Other Injection Techniques To Seal Water Leaks In Structures.

Range Of Application

Stop water infiltration

Sealing joints

Sealing of pipe joints through commercial packer equipment for repairing leakages in sanitary

and storm sewer pipes

Pipe intrusions

Sewers, manholes, utility boxes

Tunnels, dams

Soil stabilization

Type Of Material

The product is a single component hydrophilic polyurethane grout. The product cures to a closed cell foam or an elastomeric gel when it comes in contact with water. The product is capable of incorporating large amounts of water that are multiples of its own mass, thereby forming a gel. The cure time of the product is determined by the amount of water added and the temperature.

While reacting to a foam the material expands its volume. The cured material is flexible. Since water is a component of the cured product structure, the material can be effected by wet and dry cycles. The reacted material may shrink and swell as a result of the surrounding moisture content.

The capability of the cured product to swell and increase in volume due to water absorption is one of the important features that discriminate hydrophilic grouts from their hydrophobic counterparts.