Injection Materials

Our company offers chemical grouts, specialty injection resins and over many years of technical experience in their use. For the civil market this includes polyurethane grouting products (also called PU grouts) and acrylate resins for leak remediation, curtain wall grouting, slab stabilization and slab lifting.

Grout contractors can approach these problems through either injection or soak and place methods. In the municipal market, We offers chemical grouting products for the grouting of mainline and lateral sewers, manhole remediation and repairs to storm pipes, box culverts and water tanks. These chemical grouting solutions can be applied with remote packers, by drill and place methods or by direct injection into soils. To serve the geo-grouting market there are a wide range of rigid polyurethane chemical grouts, acrylate gels, and micro fine cements to solve soil improvement issues, groundwater remediation problems and support of excavation challenges.