Soil Stabilization and Chemical Grouting to Repair Soil Subsidence

Soil Subsidence can cause severe damage to foundations. The collapse of the soils can lead to the downward movement of a foundation resulting in unlevel slabs and cracked foundations. This is why treating subsidence is important and that is why we offers a cost-effective repair solution.

Polyurethane chemical grouting is a non-invasive solution for treating subsidence.The polyurethane stabilizes and densifies the soils by filling the annular voids and space. The polyurethane is a highly-dense, specially formulated structural polymer that has significant weight-bearing capacity and foundation lifting capability.

The polyurethane chemical grout has a small footprint, and can be injected through holes that are smaller than a nickel. Once the polymer is injected, it quickly travels and expands through the soil, densifying it and increasing weight bearing capacity. The stabilization process prevents additional soil collapse and mitigates against settlement.

A major symptom of soil subsidence is developing cracks in walls. The cracks are thicker than hairline cracks and may be found in the plaster or brick work outside. Common soil subsidence indicators are:

Cracks appear in the brick, concrete, walls and floors

Floors become uneven or are tilted

Unexpected structural damage occurs

Doors and windows do not open,close properly

Gaps appear between frames and doors,windows

Structure appears to lean to one direction more than expected

Water starts to run in the wrong direction the sink or bath

Drains work poorly or not at all

Chimney stack or chimney breast shows sign of leaning and cracks

Benefits of Treating Soil Subsidence

Extends building’s useful life

Restores structural stability of the roof and walls and the operational use of windows and doors

Building value is maintained or potentially increased

Prevents future building settlement and damage

Can prevent or repair against tripping hazards or safety hazards