Beijing Langwei is a leading supplier of industry-standard products across the engineering. Playing a major role in projects acrossChina.we have been involved in various civil engineering projects, including tunnels, roads construction, railways, ports and basements among others.

Due to the inherent complex nature of civil engineering projects, our services also extend to on-site technical support. This means that whatever the application and Langwei product in use, we can provide expert implementation assistance.

Beijing Langwei is committed to safety, health and the environment, with our consultants focused on offering innovative, safe and environmentally-friendly approaches to civil engineering.

One of our core areas of expertise is grouting.

What is grout?

The first important point around grout is that it is neither mortar nor concrete – its state is somewhere in between. While it still contains the same ingredients of cement, water and sand, grout is more fluid than mortar and concrete, which makes it ideal in certain civil engineering applications.

Grout’s fluidity and plasticity is essential as it is placed in voids and in tight spaces where stability is key. This is because grout is expected to not only fill the space, but also connect to the surface and any associated joints.

At Beijing Langwei, we aim to ensure that all grouts are correctly mixed and applied to ensure the best outcome for the project.