PU Grout Injecton

Polyurethane (PU) grouts are engineered to react with water and expand in-place, forming a tight water proof seal that stops the flow of water. It is considered as the best method for preventing ground water infiltration.

It also often used in non-structural water infiltration,water leak related repairs. PU is injected through leaking joints and cracks using mechanical packers that are installed by drilling the structure, PU grout is then injected at high pressure.

There are two types of PU grouts that are widely being used.

Hydrophobic - repels water and has high expansion, generally used on roof slab, ceiling 

Hydrophilic - absorbs water and has lower expansion, generally used in basement (Control active water inflow)

Beijing Langwei provides professional affordable PU grout injection waterproofing material for the refurbishment of concrete and masonry structures.