Grout Injection

Grout injection uses polyurethane (PU) grouts which are engineered to react with water and expand in-place, stopping the water flow through concrete structure. Grout injection is one of the best method to prevent water infiltration in ground, foundation structure and also applicable in non-structural water leaking repair works. In the grout injection process, polyurethane (PU) is injected using machinery through leaking joints and cracks followed by PU grout at high pressure. Grouting service often make use of PU grout, however there are also other types of grouting which are used depends on different cases and preference.

Grout is a construction material embeded with rebars in masonry walls, pre-cast concrete in order to fill up voids and seal joints. The material of grout used in grouting service is a mixture of water, cement, sand, fine gravel. Grout injection starts from a thick meld, it gets hardened over time and forms a waterproof seal.

Grouting service involves the injection of construction grout materials to fill voids beneath slabs or behind subsurface concrete walls to cutoff water flow. Our grouting service is available with variations in techniques, grouting material based on site analysis. Grouting service make use of different grout types to react with water. It is important to select the proper grout for the specific application. The process fills voids for a more firm structural support and water inflow prevention. The technique has been used in construction field to fill voids beneath slabs, fill voids behind subsurface walls and seal leaking cracks, joints in major structures such as manholes or tunnels.