Polyethylene Closed Cell Filler Board

Polyethylene expansion joint fillerboard is closed cell, crossed linked for use in expansion and isolation joints in concrete and masonry structures.This product is UV resistant, has excellent weatherability, is non-absorbent allowing it to be used in water retaining and water excluding structures where, potable, salt, chlorine and sewerage water is prevalent. It is also for use in trafficable joint conditions.

This product has no bitumen content and joint sealant can be directly applied on top of it without the use of a bond-breaker tape. This product is available in standard 50kg/m³ (low) density and is also available in custom densities of 100kg/m³ (medium) and 150kg/m³ (high).

Supplied in sheet form and at a thickness to suit the joint width or can be customized cut in sheet sizes to suit the concrete thickness or width. Also available upon request with a tear off cap to suit the joint sealant application depth.