Polymer Injection for Soil Stabilization

Our company is the most experienced and knowledgeable provider of the polymer injection application for soil compaction and densification.The application can be used to repair and rehabilitate a broad spectrum of soil related problems – including foundation settlement, roadway settlement, inflow and infiltration and structural reinforcement.

Once injected, the polyurethane chemical grout seek out voids in the soil, whether large or granular, and bind and densify the soils into a light-weight monolith.The treated area can be densified to high pressures, which can help in foundation lifting, sealing or soil stabilization and voidfill.

Langwei’s polymers and applications

Environmentally inert – having no impact to groundwater or environmental quality

Minimally invasive and requires no excavation

Adaptive and can be used in a variety of repair needs

Light-weight – adding minimal weight to the treated area as not to further compromise the area

Applications for the polymer injection process

Foundation lifting and foundation repair

Trenchless sewer repair

Soil stabilization and soil compaction

Chemical grouting

Void fill

Roadway lifting and repair

Groundwater restriction