PVC Waterstop For Concrete Joints

Waterstop plays a vital role in waterproofing a concrete structure, especially the joints, the weakest part which is responsible for the leakage of water or chemical liquids. Thus, waterstops are designed as a fluid-tight diaphragm embedded in or running along the joints to solve these problems. We offer various waterproofing materials in a wide range of sizes and shapes, the water stops are perfect for various types of applications including:

Water and sewage disposal projects

Liquid containment

Dams, channels, tunnels and tanks

Box culverts and locks

Primary and secondary containment structures

Bridges and decks abutments

Wall and slabs

Basements and foundation

There is a wide variety of different waterstop for concrete joints which are available in the market, each with different strengths and weaknesses, which makes them appropriate for certain applications. Here’s some information on some of the most common:

PVC is used to waterproof concrete joints by applying it to both sides of the joint in order to create a physical barrier. There are a variety of thickness, widths, and sizes available to fit almost any construction joint. One of the main advantages of PVC waterstop is that they can be installed in virtually any conditions, including rainy and wet conditions. They also tend to last for a long time.