PVC Waterstops


PVC waterstop are manufactured from premium quality thermoplastic resins, which are plasticized and stabilized for controlled properties.  For consistent quality, no reclaimed PVC is used.  They are extruded in a variety of thicknesses, widths, and centre bulb sizes.  The most-used sizes are illustrated in this data sheet, but a variety of other sizes are available.


PVC waterstop are used in the prevention of the passage of water through joints of liquid-containing or liquid-excluding structures, foundation walls, tunnels, and similar concrete construction. Other applications include swimming pools, reservoirs, water and sewage treatment plants, retaining walls, culverts, bridge abutments, and dams.


Proper installation is essential.voids, honeycombing,segregation of the mix,or any condition which leads to greater concrete permeability are to be avoided.