PU Grouting Pumps

Beijing Langwei is one of the amazing grouting pumps manufacturers in India. It is known for its quality and performance, meeting challenging requirement of the client of different applications.

The electric high pressure injection pump is a professional machine used for high pressure chemical grouting, which works with both single and double component grouting material. It can produce high pressure itself. When there are leakage-stop constructions on engineering include architecture, underground, water conservancy, environment protection, civisms, subway, tunnel, culvert, crack reinforcement, it is the preferred equipment.

Applications : – Leak-stoppage, waterproof & reinforcement for concrete structure, such as Basement, floor, the second joints, subway, tunnel, Continuous wall, cracks, Water seepage, etc.

Features & Benefits

Easy to install and works efficiently

Low maintenance hence Inexpensive to run

Quickly ready for operation

Wide range of viscosities and specific gravities

Extremely rugged and reliable design