Injection Grouting Systems

We have top end machinery and equipment for injections of PU, epoxy and cement. Our staff is also highly trained and skilled. We have extensive experience in negative side waterproofing of structures like Underground Metro Stations, Tunnels, Pump Canal, and Inspection Pits in Industries, Basements, Tanks, Aquaducts, Expansion Joints and Swimming Pools. We know how to repair heavy leakages as well as damp surfaces.

Polyurethane Grouting (PU)

Our team has extensive knowledge and understanding of the PU injection technologies. We are able to check any type of leakages from the negative side.

We use products from very reputed and reliable sources.

Curtain Grouting

This type of grouting is required in certain conditions.

Epoxy Grouting

Epoxy grouting is done to impart strength to crack repair and enable load transfer mechanism.