Microfine Cement

Microfine Cement For Injection Of Rock And Soil


Microfine cement is a grouting material composed of microfine particles with a specific surface area of >800m²/kg. As a grout, it has excellent permeability, strength and durability properties.


Standard cement injection technology and equipment can be used.

Better performance in terms of tightness and penetration into micro cracks in rock and soil.

Non-toxic, safer environment.

Good long term durability.

Controlled setting.

Compatible with most admixture types.

Rapid setting time.


Microfine cement is recommended for:

Concrete crack injection

Rock injection:tunnels, caverns etc., as pre- or post-stabilization injection. Fixation and water scaling in fractured zone during tunnel construction. Water sealing of tunnel walls.

Soil injection: preventing soil liquefaction stabilization, water tightness, etc.

Underground oil storage facilities: Ensuring leak tightness of retention dikes around oil tank.

Curtain grouting for dams and embankments.