EPDM Membrane

EPDM rubber membranes have unique properties making them the ultimate choice for a wide variety of roofing,waterproofing and lining applications. The product is available in thicknesses from 0,75 to 2,00 mm, while the most widely used thickness are 1,10 - 1,20 mm. Widths vary from 1,2 meters up to 15 meters. Lengths vary from 20 to 200 meters depending on application. Because the product can be prefabricated to many different lengths and widths , roll sizes are available from less than 10 sqm. up to 2000 sqm. While the most popular version of the product is produced as a homogenous black EPDM rubber sheet, membranes are also available with fleece backing and interior fabric reinforcement. A variety of surface colors are also possible.

Complete engineered waterproofing systems are available from the individual producers, including fastening and splicing systems as well as specialized components like pipe boots,

drains, flashing materials, etc