Single Component High-Pressure Grouting Machine

Single component high-pressure grouting machine adopt single liquid chemical grouting material with super-pressure, it doesn’t need extra pressure and can been operated quickly. The weight of grouting machine is 8KG, its convenient to carry and save effort. 

Product description

Single componen high-pressure grouting machine has advantages of light body, convenience for carrying and simple operation, no special training required to use and repair; The grouting pressure is so high that the liquid can be grouted into slight crack even below size of 0.1mm, waterproofness and leakproofness is more lasting and effective. For crack treatment in construction, underground engineering, irrigation, environmental project, civicism, subway, tunnel, and culvert construction, it is the preferred equipment, and for professional constructor it is indeed the best choice.

Product features

1.Environmental protection: good mechanical performance, low noise, and no pollution.

2.Portability: small volume, light weight, convenient carrying, and simple operation.

3.High efficiency:advanced technology, time&labor saving and higher efficiency.

4.Security: The technology is reliable, reasonable structure, and safe use.

5.Pressure continues: continuous high pressure can make effective grouting into micro gap and micro fractures, micropores and so on.

6.Structure nondestructive: grouting directly through grouting nipple installed on crack, no clotting, no buried pipes, its safe for structure.