Instructions and use of Polysulfide sealant


1, can not be mixed with silica gel sealant, otherwise it will affect the bonding performance.

2, construction temperature above 5 ℃, otherwise it will affect the adhesion and curing speed.

3, do a sample test before construction.

Storage conditions

Keep away from fire and avoid ventilation. Temperature is 5 ℃ ~ 30 ℃.


1, Manual construction, the A, B two components according to the ratio (10: 1) weighing and putty knife mixed evenly, fill the sealed tank, compaction, fill, remove the excess glue. Should pay attention to force repeated scraping in one direction, to prevent a large number of bubbles mixed with glue.

2, mechanical construction, automatic metering and mixing device (10: 1) to complete the glue, the manual injection gun or automatic glue machine to control the amount of glue and glue speed. When applying with glue gun, it should be reported that the gun nozzle moves uniformly in one direction to ensure that the filling compound can prevent the bubbles from moving too fast or reciprocating.


1, for the chassis, the outer weld waterproof rust protection.

2, for roof, car, floor metal, wood, plastic, foam and other materials, joints and sealing of the seams.

3, for roof, car, floor metal plate screws, rivets, waterproof and rust-proof seal.