Micro fine Cement

Micro-fine cement is based cements composed of ultrafine particles and are designed for injection into loose soils, rock and concrete. Because of micro-fine cement’s small particle size (the fineness largest grain size passing D95 is < 16.0 µm and Blaine value> 600 m2/kg.), it penetrates very well into tight joints, fissures and pore spaces to provide a water-tight grouted rock or soil mass. It can be used as grouting materials after adding water reducing agent (GC1).


Rock injection: Tunnels, caverns, mines, etc. used for pre- and post excavation injection.

Ground water sealing and ground stabilization.

Soil injection.

Dam foundation injection

Prepacked injection.

Contact injection.

Features and benefits

Fast setting time.

Fine particle size


Economical solution.


Standard cement injection equipment can be used.

Better penetration in tight joints, fissures and pore spaces.

Greater penetration imparts greater water tightness.

Excellent penetration in tight joints, fissures and pore spaces

Better working environment and no hazardous components.

Better working environment.

Improved grouting efficiency and less waste


Micro-fine cement is supplied in 25 kg plastic bags for ease of handling and to maximize storage life.