Description of Chemical Grouting

Chemical grouting systems use materials that react with water to set and are ideal for solving non-structural water leakage problems. Applications include waterproofing cracks and joints, mine shafts, sewer lines, potable water tanks and dams. Once the chemical grouting is completed the result is a crack, joint or void that is completely filled with a flexible, rubber like product that provides a leak proof repair while allowing minor movements of the structure without compromising the water tightness of the repair. This type of application can be used on most concrete structures and our company is a recognized leader in the use chemical grouting technology. With our extremely experienced technicians as part of our team we can seal cracks both big and small.

Here are the benefits of chemical grouting

Stop the leakage of air, water and fluids through concrete structures

Dramatically less expensive than a replacement option

It is still the most cost-effective, long-term defense against groundwater infiltration into structurally sound sewer systems.

Superior to the quick-set method used to fix active leaks.

Expands 20+ times its volume as a liquid

It compacts the weak soils and fills voids found outside the structure to help support surface soils and road beds

It will not over-burden the surrounding soils.

Where can chemical grouting be used:


Underground utility vaults



Lift stations

Wet wells