Polyurethane Grouting Material


The product is one component water-soluble polyurethane grouting material , it reacts with water quickly, forming impervious elastic colloidal concretion body. It is milk-white elastic colloid with fast speed, high strength, small shrinkage rate and strong permeability. It is widely used for waterproof plugging and reinforcement projects in subway tunnels, water conservancy,hydroelectric power, basement parking and sewage, etc.


1. Low viscosity, quick in water, forming elastic colloidal concretion body reaction with good water sealing performance.

2. Reacting with water, it forms ivory elastic concretion body, which has the advantages of high compressive strength. low temperature resistance, good elasticity and penetration proof quality.

3. Good effect on mixing with water. The product can penetrate into crack deeply and the crack can be sealed thoroughly by concretion body.

4. Good dilatability ,big water content, good water affinity and groutability, meanwhile the viscosity and curing speed can be adjusted according to customer’s requirement.

5. It can be widely used in waterproof projects such as dams, subway, tunnel ,etc.


1. Pools tower ,basements ,air-raid shelters and other buildings seam filing and water-proof coating.

2. Anti-corrosion of metal and concrete pipes and steel structures.

3. Underground tunnels foundation reinforcement and floor dustproof of buildings.

4. Building plugging and reinforcement of deformation joint, construction point.

5. Plugging and reinforcement of ports, docks bridge piers, dams , hydropower station curtain.

6. Geological drilling plugging and protecting ,selective water plugging in oil drilling water gushing water in mines.