polyurethane sealant

       Due to the diversity of polyurethane molecular structures, it is possible to manufacture a wide variety of products with a wide range of moduli, suitable for the bonding of many materials. Because of its flexible molecular chain, it has good shock resistance and fatigue properties. It is particularly suitable for bonding of different materials and bonding of flexible materials, and it also has excellent low-temperature resistance, and it is used in many industries. Very extensive.

 In the field of construction, the material is used in the United States, Japan, Germany, and other developed countries and is close to silicone products. Currently, in China, due to the backwardness of the raw material industry, the development of sealant products is subject to certain restrictions. There are also smaller elastic sealing paste products modified with butyl, acrylic, asphalt, and oleoresin. The elasticity of this kind of product is small, and it can be applied to the parts where the displacement of the construction joint machinery is low.