polyurethane used in Beehive leaking and Tunnel ring water stop

Beehive leaking

In the honeycomb range, every 25-30cm drill a hole, the depth of the thickness of the structure of the body is appropriate, and then buried stopwatch needle and tighten the fixed.

Tunnel ring water stop

Ring cracks seepage water: the hole directly before the crack at the hole drilling depth must exceed the ring thickness, buried water-stop needles and tighten the fixed after the injection of special agents until the grouting is completed, and then at the ring cracks left Or right 5-10cm oblique 45 degree drilling to the ring thickness of 1/2 deep, embedded water stop needle, again injected into the slurry to the body surface seepage, you can remove the water stop needle.

Seepage between loop and loop: drilling before seepage between loop and loop, depth of drilling must exceed the thickness of loop, injecting agent into the slurry after embedding the stop needle to exudate the slurry on the surface of the structure, Completely cured to remove the water stop needle. Grouting hole water seepage: direct hole in the grouting hole cover, and then injected into the hole agent, until the material is fully cured to remove the water stop needle.